Sunday, February 3, 2008

Seeds as of 2/3

1 Seeds- Memphis, Kansas, Duke, North Carolina

2 Seeds- Georgetown, UCLA, Tennessee, Stanford

3 Seeds- Michigan State, Wisconsin, Texas, Xavier

4 Seeds- Drake, Washington State, Connecticut, Indiana

5 Seeds- Marquette, Arizona, Kansas State, Butler

6 Seeds- Texas A&M, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Gonzaga

7 Seeds- St. Mary’s, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Arkansas

8 Seeds- Syracuse, Baylor, Purdue, USC

9 Seeds- Oklahoma, UNLV, Florida, Clemson

10 Seeds- Rhode Island, Mississippi, Dayton, West Virginia

11 Seeds- Miami (FL), BYU, St. Joe’s, Ohio State

12 Seeds- Maryland, Seton Hall, Kent State, South Alabama

13 Seeds- VCU, Davidson, Oral Roberts, Utah State

14 Seeds- Stephen F. Austin, UNC-Asheville, Cornell, Cal State Northridge

15 Seeds- Belmont, Austin Peay, Rider, UMBC

16 Seeds- Portland State, Morgan State, Wagner, Lafayette, Alabama State


grouchomarx5 said...

Interesting. Only 5 ACC schools w/ 2 #1s and then nothing until #9(Clemson).Sign of a boring conference where there's only 2 perenially strong teams. No drama.

S.U. may be high but a win over UCONN would prove your point. Seton Hall may be a stretch to make the dance but they have "over achieved".

Stanford seems a bit high considering they lost to Siena but that's a good conference and they do have some unexpected wins.

I believe UCLA wins it all. Duke is an imposter but UNC, Memphis and G'town all have solid chances

I'd include Kansas but when was the last time a Big 12 team won it all? Kansas w/ D. Manning was the only one I remember in over 50 years! Possibly an overrated conference?

Nice job. Keep up the good work. I live in Fl. and I'm 61 years old but I used to have your gym's record for points scored in 1 game(35). Be interested to know if that still stands but it was a long time ago(1965) and nobody really cares. I'll keep reading!!!

Beat The Experts said...

The ACC is extremely hard to decipher this year. A conference RPI of 1 but I struggle to find 4 legit teams to represent the conference. Miami(FL) is 2-5 in the ACC, but remain in because of their non-conference success. Then I inserted Maryland in, just above NC State because of the Terrapins recent inspired play.

Yes, Stanford lost to Siena, but remember that lose came when Brook Lopez was still academically ineligble. Now that the Cardinal are back at full strength, they are playing great.

I really like Kansas this year and think they have what it takes to go the whole way, but we will see.

I'll try to check up on my school records for you and see if your still the man. I'll get back to you soon.