Monday, February 25, 2008

Seeds as of 2/25

1 Seeds- Tennessee, Memphis, UNC, UCLA

2 Seeds- Duke, Texas, Kansas, Louisville

3 Seeds- Xavier, Georgetown, Wisconsin, Stanford

4 Seeds- UConn, Drake, Butler, Indiana

5 Seeds- Purdue, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Michigan State

6 Seeds- Marquette, Washington State, Kansas State, USC

7 Seeds- Gonzaga, BYU, Clemson, Mississippi State

8 Seeds- Pittsburgh, Oklahoma, St. Mary's, Arkansas

9 Seeds- Arizona, Miami (FL), Texas A&M, Baylor

10 Seeds- West Virginia, St. Joseph's, Arizona State, South Alabama

11 Seeds- Kent State, UNLV, UMass, Florida

12 Seeds- Villanova, Kentucky, Maryland, Davidson

13 Seeds- VCU, Cornell, Stephen F. Austin, New Mexico

14 Seeds- Siena, UCSB, Boise State, Oral Roberts

15 Seeds- American, Winthrop, UMBC, Belmont

16 Seeds- Morgan State, Robert Morris, Alabama State, Portland State, Austin Peay

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Seed List as of 2/17

Atlantic 10- The A10 is starting to look a little more clear. Xavier is obviously the top team but after that it was hard to seperate St. Joe's, Rhode Island, Dayton, and Umass. Umass and Dayton have been struggling, but Dayton's key wins keep them in the bracket for now.

ACC- I would put my house down on the ACC receiving 4 bids. I can't see how they would get 5, unless an unlikely team runs the table in the conference tournament. Three bids seems unprobable also because of the ACC's number 1 Conference RPI. Duke, UNC, Clemson, and Maryland seem like safe bets. After Miami's road win at Georgia Tech, there computer numbers are improved, but I don't think there schedule will allow them to finish at a .500 conference record which would leave them out of the bracket.

Big 12- Baylor has lost 5 of 6 and have a tough week ahead with games at Oklahoma and home vs. Kansas State. They will need a split this week to feel completely safe, or this cinderella story could be coming to an end.

Big East- Connecticut now moved up to a 2 seed after that buzzer beater in OT vs. South Florida. The Huskies have won 9 straight and look for the Huskies to run the table the rest of the way and finish atop the Big East standings. Syracuse lost to South Florida on Wednesday and there NCAA hopes looked diminished. Then the Orange upset #8 Georgetown to remain in the bracket for now. They have the toughest schedule ahead out of any bubble team, which the Orange are looking at as an opportunity for more big wins. Syracuse needs to split this week @ Louisville and @ Notre Dame to have any sort of chance come Selection Sunday.

Big 10- I had Ohio State as the last team in entering Sunday, but the Buckeyes laid an egg at Michigan. Ohio State is 0-7 vs. the Top 1-50, but have Wisconsin, Purdue, Indiana, and Michigan State left on their schedule. Koufos and company can play themselves back into the field of 65 but it seems very unlikely at this point. Purdue has now won 11 straight, but I'm expecting the Boilermakers to come back down to earth this week @ Indiana.

Colonial- VCU and George Mason might have both loss there at-large chances on Saturday with both teams losing. The only way the CAA gets two bids is if VCU can run the table and lose in the CAA finals, which would make them a viable bubble team. One bid seems likely for the Colonial this year, however.

CUSA- Houston is the ultimate bubble team. I think I'm speaking for every "bracketolgist" when I say they wanted Houston to beat Memphis. This would give Houston a huge win and they would be an NCAA tournament team. (Kind of like how everyone will be rooting for Davidson in the SoCon tournament). With them losing, however, it's anyones guess on what the committee does with Houston, but for the meantime I say they are in, considering there are no bad loses on there resume.

Mountain West- BYU looks like the team everyone thought they would be in November or December. They crushed UNLV on Saturday and look like the clear cut favorite in the M. West now. UNLV also stays in the field as one of the "last teams in."

Pac 10- What to do with the Pac 10? It seems like every time a bubble team like Arizona State picks up a huge win, they lose their next game. The Pac 10 is so tough that I think a .500 conference record could be enough to get a team into the tourney. Arizona State and Oregon both are in this week because of their Top 1-50 RPI wins. Those are wins that other bubble teams they are competing with, don't have.

SEC- Mississippi is obviously in trouble with a 3-7 conference record. They look like they could be this year's Clemson, and there undeafeted Non-conference record could be wasted. Florida is also in danger of falling off the bubble.

Bracket form of this week's bracket will come out after the UCLA-USC game tonite.

1 Seeds- Memphis, Duke, Tennessee, Kansas

2 Seeds- North Carolina, Texas, UCLA, Connecticut

3 Seeds- Xavier, Georgetown, Purdue, Louisville

4 Seeds- Wisconsin, Stanford, Butler, Washington State

5 Seeds- Kansas State, Indiana, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt

6 Seeds- Marquette, Clemson, Michigan State, Drake

7 Seeds- Saint Mary's, BYU, Pittsburgh, Texas A&M

8 Seeds- Gonzaga, Arizona, USC, Mississippi State

9 Seeds- Arkansas, Oklahoma, Maryland, Rhode Island

10 Seeds- Baylor, West Virginia, Saint Joseph's, Arizona State

11 Seeds- Syracuse, Florida, South Alabama, Dayton

12 Seeds- UNLV, Houston, Kent State, Oregon

13 Seeds- Oral Roberts, VCU, Cornell, Davidson

14 Seeds- Belmont, Cal State Northridge, Stephen F. Austin, Boise State

15 Seeds- Austin Peay, Winthrop, Siena, UMBC

16 Seeds- Morgan State, Wagner, Portland State, American, Alabama State

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bracket as of 2/10

East Region
In Raleigh
1. Duke
16. Play In
8. Baylor
9.Mississippi State
In Denver
5. Butler
12. West Virginia
4. Washington State
13. Oral Roberts
In Wash. D.C.
6. Texas A&M
11. Dayton
3. Michigan State
14. Cornell
In Tampa
7. Arizona
10. Florida
2. Georgetown
15. UMBC
In Omaha
1. Kansas
16. Morgan State
8. Clemson
9. Oklahoma
In Birmingham
5. Purdue
12. VCU
4. Notre Dame
13. Utah State
In Wash D.C.
6. Pittsburgh
11. UNLV
3. Xavier
14. Stephen F. Austin
In Raleigh
7. Arkansas
10. Gonzaga
2. North Carolina
15. Belmont
In Little Rock
1. Memphis
16. Robert Morris
8. USC
9. BYU
In Little Rock
5. Louisville
12. Houston
4. Wisconsin
13. Davidson
In Denver
6. Vanderbilt
11. Syracuse
3. Texas
14. Siena
In Anaheim
7. Saint Mary's
10. UMass
2. Stanford
15. UNC-Asheville
In Birmingham
1. Tennessee
16. Portland State
8. Marquette
9. Rhode Island
In Omaha
5. Indiana
12. South Alabama
4. Drake
13. Kent State
In Tampa
6. Kansas State
11. Maryland
3. Connecticut
14. Pacific
In Anaheim
7. Mississippi
10. Ohio State
15. Austin Peay

Seed List as of 2/10

1 seeds- Memphis, Duke, Kansas, Tennessee

2 seeds- UNC, Georgetown, Stanford, UCLA

3 Seeds- Texas, Michigan State, Connecticut, Xavier

4 Seeds- Drake, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Washington State

5 Seeds- Louisville, Butler, Indiana, Purdue

6 Seeds- Pittsburgh, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M

7 Seeds- Arkansas, Saint Mary's, Arizona, Mississippi

8 Seeds- Clemson, Baylor, Marquette, USC

9 Seeds- Oklahoma, BYU, Mississippi State, Rhode Island

10 Seeds- Gonzaga, UMass, Ohio State, Florida

11 Seeds- Dayton, Syracuse, Maryland, UNLV

12 Seeds- South Alabama, West Virginia, VCU, Houston

13 Seeds- Oral Roberts, Davidson, Kent State, Utah State

14 Seeds- Cornell, Siena, Stephen F. Austin, Pacific

15 Seeds- UMBC, Belmont, UNC-Asheville, Austin Peay

16 Seeds- Morgan State, Robert Morris, Portland State

Play In: Alabama State vs. Lafayette

Monday, February 4, 2008

My Bracket Prediction Philosophy

The Bracket Matrix has split up predictions into two categories: Assume the Bracket Ends today and the Predicting the Future to make bracket. I am listed under the "assume the bracket ends today" category. This, however, isn't completely true. Alike many other bracketologists out their I mix the idea of the future in with team's present resumes. I wont make the prediction that a team will finish 4-4 and a 22-10 record and will make the tournament. Instead, I use what a team has done and mix that with how they are playing, how tough their games ahead are, etc. Also, conference winners are not teams who are currently in first, but instead are complete predictions.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Seeds as of 2/3

1 Seeds- Memphis, Kansas, Duke, North Carolina

2 Seeds- Georgetown, UCLA, Tennessee, Stanford

3 Seeds- Michigan State, Wisconsin, Texas, Xavier

4 Seeds- Drake, Washington State, Connecticut, Indiana

5 Seeds- Marquette, Arizona, Kansas State, Butler

6 Seeds- Texas A&M, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Gonzaga

7 Seeds- St. Mary’s, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Arkansas

8 Seeds- Syracuse, Baylor, Purdue, USC

9 Seeds- Oklahoma, UNLV, Florida, Clemson

10 Seeds- Rhode Island, Mississippi, Dayton, West Virginia

11 Seeds- Miami (FL), BYU, St. Joe’s, Ohio State

12 Seeds- Maryland, Seton Hall, Kent State, South Alabama

13 Seeds- VCU, Davidson, Oral Roberts, Utah State

14 Seeds- Stephen F. Austin, UNC-Asheville, Cornell, Cal State Northridge

15 Seeds- Belmont, Austin Peay, Rider, UMBC

16 Seeds- Portland State, Morgan State, Wagner, Lafayette, Alabama State