Sunday, December 16, 2007

Seeds as of 12/16

1 Seeds- North Carolina, Kansas, Memphis, Georgetown

2 Seeds- Texas, UCLA, Washington State, Duke

3 Seeds- Pittsburgh, Marquette, Indiana, Texas A&M

4 Seeds- Michigan State, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Arizona

5 Seeds- Oregon, Clemson, Villanova, Butler

6 Seeds- BYU, Gonzaga, Stanford, West Virginia

7 Seeds- Wisconsin, Miami (FL), Xavier, USC

8 Seeds- Rhode Island, Virginia, Arkansas, Saint Mary's

9 Seeds- Southern Illinois, Connecticut, California, Missouri

10 Seeds- Dayton, VCU, Creighton, Notre Dame

11 Seeds- San Diego State, Mississippi, UMass, Florida

12 Seeds- Baylor, Siena, Illinois, UCSB

13 Seeds- Winthrop, Western Kentucky, Ohio State, Holy Cross

14 Seeds- Davidson, Boise State, Sam Houston State, Miami (OH)

15 Seeds- Belmont, UMBC, Montana, IUPUI

16 Seeds- Hampton, Sacred Heart, Austin Peay, Alabama A&M, Cornell

1 comment:

Evilmonkeycma said...

Good work on your field. I do have a few concerns.

1. USC should not be a 7. Not with three losses, including one at home to Mercer. Perhaps they will redeem themselves, but it does not appear they should be in at this time.

2. Notre Dame should not be ahead of Baylor. I don't say this just because Baylor beat ND, but rather because neither team has an outstanding win, and Baylor's only loss was by three points against an OUTSTANDING Washington State team, while Notre Dame lost to both Baylor AND Georgia Tech. This is coming from a Notre Dame student.

3. Siena? A 12 seed? The only thing they've done is beat Stanford, who was without their best player. They've also lost to James Madison, Cornell, and Syracuse, which should be enough to knock them down to the 13-16 seed range.

4. Davidson. Look at their losses/wins. Look at Georgia Southern's losses/wins. Tell me why you think Davidson will win the SoCon. Its an understandable mistake, given the hype that Davidson has been getting. And if you still think Davidson will win the SoCon, I'd like to hear your reasoning behind it.

Alright... I hope those were insightful/helpful comments. Please feel free to comment on my seed list, as long as your comments are coherent and logical.